Direct Energy aims to provide a complete communications solution, working in partnership with our business customers. We are passionate about delivering an exceptional customer experience by getting the simple things right.


  • One point of contact - your own dedicated account manager.
  • A real person to talk to - speak to a person, not a machine.
  • One supplier for all your communications - an end to confusion over who to call.
  • One simple bill for all your services - reduces administration for you.
  • Online billing and usage alerts - to help manage company costs.


  • LLU/Next Generation Network Services  - high speed data connection for internet or video on demand delivered through your telephone line.
  • Wholesale Line Rental - major savings over BT line rental.
  • Outbound Call Routing - up to 45% savings on calls.
  • Non Geographic Numbers (NGN)  - 0800, 0845, 0870/ 1, Premium Rate, International Services.
  • Business Mobile Services - across all 4 major networks.
  • Business Broadband, Email, Domain & Web Hosting - internet made easy.